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Silver jewelry has become popular among those who wear jewelry on a regular basis because it is affordable and looks gorgeous at the same time. Which makes it suitable for casual as well as special occasions. Silver jewelry has the ability to last a lifetime, but this is only possible if you properly take care of it. So, if you are interested in knowing how to maintain the stunning look of your silver rings, then read the article till the end.

Why do we need to take care of the silver rings?

Pure silver is a very soft metal, which is not suitable for making jewelry. Therefore, silver with 99.9% or 92.5% purity is mixed with other metals like copper, zinc, or nickel. Because these metals provide strength to the silver, making silver alloy known as sterling silver or fine silver. These are strong metal which is perfect to make beautiful jewelry designs. However, there is a downside to this material and that is its ability to tarnish.

What is tarnish?

The zinc, copper, or nickel present in the sterling silver and fine silver are reactive metals. They have the ability to react to moisture and other chemicals. As a result, when your favorite silver ring is exposed to the air, water, or some chemical, it experiences a chemical reaction known as oxidation. This tarnishes the silver accessories, making their shine fade away and gradually turning them from silver to blackish grey. That is why you need to take extra care of your favorite wholesale silver rings and other silver accessories. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to save your jewelry from tarnishing.


silver rings


Tip#1: Maintain proper storage:

As you know air has some disastrous impacts on silver. So, it is important that whenever you take-off your silver accessories be it a ring or bracelet or anything, do not just leave it lying on the table. Instead, place them properly either in an airtight bag or an air-tight box. It best if you place each piece in a separate box or bag, to avoid scratches as well as tarnish. Also, not to forget, now that you have properly stored your jewelry. Place the box/bag in a dark and dry place. It is always better to take all the safety precautions, instead of ruining any of your perfect looking silver rings.

Tip#2: Extra care to protect tarnish:

There are a few more tricks, that can protect your precious silver rings from turning black. before you store your accessories, place a few pieces of chalk in the storage bag/box. Because it absorbs all the moisture if there is any. Or you can place using silica gel packets for the same purpose. from this, you can also wrap your rings in anti-tarnish cloth. It is a chemically treated fabric that absorbs not only moisture but also chemicals like Sulphur. Hence, preventing all the changes that can lead to silver’s oxidation.

Tip#3: Remember to take it off:

Yes, it is difficult to constantly take off your jewelry and wear it again, but it is important to do so. I order to make your silver rings shine last for long, you have to be careful while wearing them. Remember to take off your rings and all other accessories before:

  • Household chores, like washing dishes, cooking, doing laundry
  • Taking shower
  • Going for swimming
  • When putting on lotion or makeup

This safety measure is very crucial. It is because, chemicals like Sulphur in makeup, chlorine in water, nitrates in sweat, heat from cooking, and water are all highly reactive to your silver jewelry. And can easily tarnish the jewelry.


silver rings

Tip#4: Clean before you store:

Whenever you take off your silver rings, there are chances that it might have some chemical or moisture on their surface. Due to its exposure to air. So, to be on the safer side, properly clean your ring before you store it.

Trick#1: How to clean silver rings?

No matter how much extra careful you are with your silver rings and other jewelry pieces, they will eventually get dirty, and it is ok. All you need to do is, clean them. But, before you do so there are some safety measures and tricks you should know. When you are cleaning your ring, never use a paper tissue or toilet paper. Instead, use a microfiber cloth which is specially used for cleaning jewelry.

As or materials can cause stretches on the surface. While you are cleaning it maintain up-and-down strokes, 925 sterling silver, and be sure to use different parts of the cloth to avoid spreading any tarnish. You can also wash your jewelry pieces using warm water, but make sure to properly dry them afterward. Regularly cleaning the silver accessories will not only prevent tarnishing but will also remove all the dirt And maintain the precious shine.

Trick#2: How to remove tarnish?

The silver jewelry is meant to tarnish. If you have some old silver rings or other jewelry items that have oxidized, and cannot be used anymore. Then you need to know some tricks to remove the tarnish. If your jewelry has light tarnishing, you can use an anti-tarnishing cloth. By gently scrubbing the affected parts you can easily get rid of the stain. Although, do not over -scrub it, otherwise, it can reduce the luster.

You can also use a toothbrush and some light baking soda and water mixture to remove light tarnishing. But, make sure you properly dry the silver after this process. However., if your jewelry pieces are heavily tarnished, you can get them polished by a jeweler. These easy techniques can once again restore the shine of your silver rings, making them useful again.

Final verdict:

Now that you know tips and tricks to take care of your silver rings, you can ensure Constant maintenance. Which can help your silver rings to retain their shine and glamour. Hence, making them last longer.