Popular baby names, their origins wholesale silver pendant and some cool fact behind them

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Welcome to the final part of ‘Popular baby names, wholesale silver pendant their origins and some cool fact behind them.’ In this series, we explore the popular baby names and anything related to it. When we were planning this article, we wanted to make sure we have useful information for soon-to-be parents or their friends. We hope you get the most out of our articles!


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  In recent years many parents have chosen the names of famous athletes such as Sergio Ramos, Leonel Messi, Rafael Nadal or Pau Gasol.

 Also, names that refer to characters in series with a large audience such as Tyrion, Bran, and Jon characters from the well-known Game of Thrones series. Saul has also gained popularity among Spanish parents in recent years for the television series Better call Saul.


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  Even the Spanish also chose the names of the children of celebrities. Alessandro and Leonardo are the names chosen by the player Álvaro Morata, and Alice Campello for their twins. Italian names like Alessandro, whose Spanish variant, Alejandro, is one of the most chosen in our country.

  Leo and Manuel were trending in 2018 after being the names chosen by Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero for their twins. Chiara Ferragni also chose for her son Leo who was born in March.

  Louis Arthur Charles is the name of the third son of princes Guillermo and Kate, who was born in April 2018. A typical compound name of royalty that is not usually adopted as a name in Spain, but Luis’s classic name is sure to be one of the most chosen in our country in 2019.

  Eva Longoria, one of the actresses of the well-known series Desperate Women, chose Santiago as the name of her first child and has also become one of the most chosen names for Spanish babies. Ciro was the name chosen by Messi and his wife for their third child, 925 sterling silver born in Barcelona in the month of March. Although it is a little known name in our country, it may begin to become fashionable in our country.


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Girls’ names

  If Lucas is the most chosen name for boys, Lucia is the favorite for girls and last year 4,404 girls were registered with this beautiful name. A name of Latin origin that means “light.” The second and third most common name among newborn girls in Sofia and Martina, respectively.

  Among the preferred names of girl are still María, Carmen, Josefa or Ana María. But these names have a high average age, for example, the average number of women named Maria has a mean age of 48.6 years. As for names that did not appear in previous years among those one hundred chosen we can mention Yasmin, Isabella, and Amaia.


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